Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 24

Another busy week - I want to go out and do lots of things but then end up wishing I had more evenings at home!

Lunch: pasta with tuna
Dinner: Out at cake decorating class so will take a sandwich for dinner

Lunch: sandwich as I only have ten minutes before going to the school where I am a reading volunteer
Dinner: out at a blog event so will get something on the way home

Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: fish and vegetables

Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: supposed to be out with work colleagues in the evening but think it might be rescheduled

Lunch: provided as I'm on a training course
Dinner: Persian chicken (ready meal)

Brunch: bacon sandwich as the other half can't go too long without having one and I will be busy preparing for later!
Dinner: having our first BBQ in our new house. I've had absolutely no time to plan the menu so far and we don't even own a BBQ at the moment so we had better get on with it!

Lunch: possibly joined by a friend and his family who couldn't make it yesterday
Dinner: BBQ leftovers


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